We consider our Partners as a Strategic Asset, in order to increase the Value for our Customers: our Partnerships include both Solution Partnerships, oriented to the development of Advanced, Tailored Solutions, and Business Partnerships, which usually consist of Representation Agreements, and Scientific Partnerships, with the aim of developing and sharing Scientific Contents.

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Our Vision of Service Approach includes three primary directories that are Customer Support, Project Management and Stakeholder Perspective.
Our Goal is to Assist and Support our Customers during all the “Life Cycle” of both our Projects, and the Products and/or Services that are the Projects Outcomes, including, whenever required, the Assistance in Design, the Technical/System Support, and the On Centre/On Site Multi-Tier Maintenance.
We believe both in the Discipline of the Project Management, and in the Approach “Management by Projects", as guarantees of effectiveness and efficiency; we have adopted a “Strong Matrix” Organisational Structure and our Persons are almost all certified in Project Management.
We consider Stakeholders Satisfaction the Key Success Factor, to be achieved through
• the Customers Satisfaction,
• the Attention to Human Resources,
• the Achievement of Quality Objectives (including present ISO 9001-2008 Certification, and predisposition to ISO 9001-2015), and
• the Respect for Ethical Values (also by adopting a Code of Conduct, by being certificated TRACE, and by addressing the Corporate Social Responsibility).

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